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Hello everyone and welcome.

My name is David and I'm the new CEO of the SwanAir Virtual. I will not talk much about my self. I will just say that I'm a FG user for more than four years. My idea is  to expand this airline ,to make it more popular and active.

I have some plans regarding the destinations and fleet ,so you can expect some changes in the future. Also,the flight reporting system will be changed into more efficient and simple one. 

I hope we will coop well ,and make this airline even better.

Thank you all for flying SwanAir.

Best regards.

David Todorovic


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Why the Swan ?

The swan has always been a symbol : of grace and elegance, but it's also the Nordic Countries' Logo. We take delight in serving these countries, with our luxurious flights, with our Hub in Trondheim. We try to be as elegant as swan can be. That's why we name Swanair.


Who are we ?

Swanair is a little virtual airline, mainly flying on Flightgear Flight-Simulator. It offers prestige flights all over the world. 

We are part of the virtual Skyteam Alliance. 

Join us ! It'll change the way you fly forever.