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About Us

Don't have so much time ? Watch this video !

Where we fly

For the moment, Swanair still be a little company, but it offers short, medium and long haul flights all other the world. 

Joining Checklist

Simulators compatibility :

This vitual airline begun on Flightgear Flight Simulator. It's a free and open source flight-simulator. If you don't know which one will be the best, choose Flightgear !
But you also can fly with any other FS, except that you'll have to create all the liveries. We curently only supply FG's liveries, for all our fleet.
If you use flightgear, you're free to choose server you want to fly on. But to simplify the traking procedure, we recommend our pilots to fly on tracked servers. You can find a list of them HERE

 Sign Up !

When you signed up, you'll receive (according a short more time) all information you need. When you book your first flight, the Swanair liveries will be sent before your flight.
BEWARE ! Liveries are made for Flightgear, and not for other simualtors. If you like to convert FG's liveries into FSX or 9 ones (or any other), please PM the admin or use the "CONTACT US" section, so that he send well before your flight.

Fly !

Now you're ready to fly. You have to be connected to a tracked server and enjoy !

Report your flight

You succesfuly landed, and you you will add this flight to your roster :
Just fill the fields in the "Report a flight" section. Your flight will be added including a short delay on your roster.